Different Ways Of Enhancing Drug Use

By | March 8, 2021

A drug is any chemical substance which changes the physiology or behavior of an individual when taken. Different drugs have different affects on the body and some drugs have even been known to cause deaths through overdose or poisoning. Almost all drugs can be categorized into one of two categories: biological drugs and pharmacological drugs.


Biological drugs are generally classified into substances which affect cell activity, such as those which are present in animals and plants. Biomarkers which can detect such changes are the basis of a successful drug therapy. Other than this, biological drugs can also be developed by genetic engineering or through vaccination. Pharmacological drugs are those that influence an individual’s behavior by affecting brain chemistry or by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain.

In general, when talking about these two different ways of enhancing drug use, the effects on an individual and his family is just as important. Sometimes, these effects go beyond the normal expectation. It is very important for a person who wants to try these medicines to be fully aware of all its potential risks. The dangers of taking these medicines are very real and are often fatal. This has been brought to people’s attention by increasing reports of people dying or going missing because they were heavily involved in drug use.